Sunglasses or goggles

Seems silly to say, but there is nothing worse than travelling for hours with the sun glaring in your eyes.

If you wear expensive glasses that are made of glass consider making sure that the visor is down over the glasses.   The last thing you want is a stone hitting your glass sunglasses and the galss fragments going into your eyes.

Most builders warehouses carry a range of quite zooty safety glasses that are designed to take impacts from flying debris.

The consiquence of getting dirt in your eys is that you have to close your eyes and drift off the road ........

Sun cream

Depending on the type of helmet and gloves you wear, consider sunscreen for your nose, neck and hands.   You will find the monkey paricularly is susceptible to this as they are sitting in one spot for protracted lengths of time.

Change of shoes/boots

Always a good idea to have a change of shoes or boots to change into at the end of the days riding to give your feet a change.    Also if it is raining or you have gone through a whole lot of puddles 

Tow rope

So the day you have to use this you will discover that one is not long enough.   If you have to tow another rig or KTM, you will soon realize that 5 m is just too short.  So have two or ride with someone who will also have one.

If a rig has fallen into a stream or ditch or hole, one is also not long enough to pull it out.

There are plenty of places to tie a tow rope to on a Ural.


Always a good idea to carry a spade in case one of your party find themselfs stuck in the mud.   Check out the picture.   This was not going to be driven out, reversed out, or pushed out.   Once this was dug out it took a friendly farmer to pull it out with his truck.

Here is a tip.   If you get stuck in thick sand, do not be Windgat and just reverse.   You will in all likelyhood break your final drive and that is the end of the tour for you unless you are carrying one of these spare.   Rather dig out the sand at the rear wheel and once that is clear try again.   It is a good idea to get off the bike to reduce the weight and get the monkey to push!




Once you are loaded it is often very difficult to pull the rig onto the center stand.   The answer is a 1 ton scissor jack.   Takes the effort out of lifting the bike and you are not going to blow a fuffy valve doing it either.  It also has the added bonus of being able to be used for lifting the hack wheel as well if that has a puncture.

Spare air filter

Remember that these are Russion Motorcycles that were supposed to be running in the cold and snow.   They do not like running with dusty airfilters and their performance changes radically.

Changing air filters should be a daily task if you are riding in very dusty roads/tracks.