Have a Tool kit

Goes without saving but make sure that you ride with your toolkit.   There are a number of additional tools which I consider a Must have as it makes your life so much easier.   

Lets start with the most common breakdown - the dreaded flat tire.   There must be some science to this but it always seems to be the rear one.  To get the tire off you should make sure you ahve the following :

Small hammer and punch : to knock out the axel.

2 No x 17 spanners to undo the bolt and nut on the inside wishbone or a 17 spanner and a socket set.

Spare tube

Carry a spare tube and puncture repair kit.   There is nothing worse than your trip coming to an end because you have a flat tire.   I also suggest that you place the spare tube in something that stops it being rubbed or scratched.   There is nothing worse than having a puncture, wanting to change the tube and finding the tube cut from chaffing.  I have lost a number of tires to cuts from chaffing.



Rain Suit

Depends if you like getting wet but this for me is a must have.  If you are looking to spend money on anything, spend it on this.   The best still remain the BMW ones but come with a big price tag, but at least the germans seem to understand that seams should be waterproof and as a result you do not get cold rain water puddling in your crotch.

Spare fuses and lamp globes

Carry a number of spare fuses especially 15 amp (blue fuses) as well as spare globes.   Put them in something that will not let them get crushed or broken - a small tupperware with padding is good.

If you have a GPS unit, do not forget to have a spare fuse or two for this as the fuses are the micro ones.

Spare fuel can

If your Ural does not come with a spare fuel can, this would be a good investment.   Make sure you mount it on the outside of the hack.   The reason for this is this gives the hack 10kgs of weigh on the hack wheel and makes it less prone to lifting.

While we are talking about fuel cans.   Notice the reflective tape on the rear of the rig.   This gives the cars behind you at night a hint that this is not a trailer they are following but something different.

Safety First!

This means ALWAYS wear your protective gear.    This means helmet, jacket and gloves as a minimum.   Yes it does get hot and uncomfortable when you stop, but remember you dress for the slide not the ride.

A good peice of advise is "never drive faster than your angles can fly".

Make a rule not to drink a drive your side car.   If you want to have your favourite beverage, then make sure that there is no more driving to be done for the day.   If you need alchohol for dutch courage to ride a sidecar you are on the wrong vehicle.   Remember that there are Drunk motorcycle riders and there are old motorcycle riders but there are no old drunk motorcycle riders.