Cooler box

Great idea to have a cooler box to carry drinks for the evening and softdrinks or water for the ride.  It is great to be able to stop in the middle of the Karroo after several hours hard riding to quench your throat on an ice cold cool drink.

TIP : If you are wanting to carry your favourite beverage for the evening sundowners - no glass please.  You will find that the dreaded bottle top remover will undo it somehow with all the shaking and you will open your cooler box to a very nice smelling sloshy mess.

This is particularly bad in the top box which seems to work like a washing machine and rotates everything round and round to such an extent when we opened the top box ALL the cans were silver so we could not tell which were beers and which were cokes.

A sugestion is to find a metal container like the picture.   Be causeful of vacum flasks as they have a tendency to break. 

Dust proof Bags

If you do lots of adventure riding, get youself a wet/dust bag or alternatively pack your kit inside wetbags inside another bag.

Nothing worse arriving at your evening stop to find your change of clothes either wet or dusty or both.

Cable ties, tie downs and other useful spares

It is a good idea to vary various size cable ties. They are usefule for securing all sorts of things, like securing your handlebars etc.

Tie downs ditto

other suggestions are :

Pratley putty, 

Quick setting expoxy,

Selection of assorted nuts,

Pipe clamps 

8 guage wire